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Dafna Aviv and Debra Rozenman are sisters, they invented “Sure Home Sale” Method!  They prepare homes, to suit the needs and tastes of potential buyers. Started in Houston Texas 12 years ago. They invent a specific and precise method for home design and staging to appeal to potential buyers.  90% of the homes they prepared were sold within a few weeks some of them at a price that was 10% higher than the asking price. Some properties even sold after a few days only. They believe that we should make every buyer that visit the property, fall in love with it at first sight or at least get excited about it so that he would like to continue the tour at the house.

When preparing an asset for sale there is no room for personal taste. Preparing a home for sale is based primarily on neutral flavors that will appeal to the majority of the potential buyers. There are certain rules that need to be addressed for a house to be able to sell fast. Their method was gathered in the last 10 years and is built on successful sales of many properties.

There are specific rules that apply when selling a home. Once we have implemented these rules, the house will have a distinct advantage over other houses, and you will sell successfully and quickly.

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