Sellers Selling Memories but Buyers are Buying Dreams

Sellers Selling Memories but Buyers are Buying Dreams

As property sellers, you can not afford to depend on the buyer’s imagination.

When selling a property the saying ” What you see is what you get” is most important. Meaning, you have to show the property, not explain it.

Anything that needs your explanation has to go, or must be fixed!

Most people find it very hard to imagine how the property will look after they have moved in and put their belongings

Your house reflects you, your family, and your life. But your buyers probably are not looking for the same things. Everyone has his own uniqueness, and we have to make sure that buyers coming to see the house feel that this is exactly the house that will fulfill their dreams.

It is the rule of Home Staging, to create for your buyers the house they are desired to buy.

Staging a house to be desirable to others can be challenging, so we suggest you contact a professional.

The designer knows how to make every potential buyer who visits the house fall in love with it at first sight and see himself living there.

A professional will maximize your property for sale.

Statistics show that an investment of only 1-3% of the value of your property, you can achieve a 10% higher price.

Samanta Finchberg

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